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  1. Gerard Domilise
    March 11, 2009

    you are missing one the mian incredient that truly makes a “Po’Boy” a Po’Boy. You have to put it all on “French” Bread,which true french bread is really hard to find anywhere other than in Louisiana.I was born and raised in N.O.,and travel all over U.S. now for work, and it really tears me up when I see a sign for Po’Boys and it turns out that it is just another bad imitation.

  2. steve
    July 21, 2009

    Ya you right, Gerard. It’s gotta be the right bread. You won’t find it in a store, that’s for sure. You can find some good French bread in an independent bakery if you look hard, and that will do as well as you can. You want the bread that flies all over when you bite into it. Have to use it that day of course. And be sure to ask if your guest wants it dressed. Put a little Crystal hot sauce on it too. No relish. Mmmmmm!

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