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Crawfish Concoction on New Potatoes

[ 0 ] April 11, 2016

Crawfish Concoction on New Potatoes

I believe I’ve mentioned that it is crawfish season here in Louisiana, and Beryl loves those critters more than even strawberries, so she’s been cooking them up several times a week.

Crawfish Concoction

So Sunday she picks up a pound of fresh tails to cook, and I tell her I need a break from the etouffee.

Well, I was hoping for a steak with French fries, but Beryl is dead set on the crawfish, so crawfish it is.

I tell her I’d like ‘em fried up, but she’s not having any of that. So I just headed to my office to read and leave her to do whatever she is determined to do with those crawfish tails.

Well, about twenty minutes later she calls me to supper, and I go in the kitchen and what I find I can only describe as a “Crawfish Concoction”.

The Official Cajun Cooking TV Cookbook

[ 2 ] August 26, 2015

The Official Cajun Cooking TV Cookbook

beryl and alexI thought I might starve to death.

I had met the sweetest girl I’ve ever known, and we were about to move to Florida together. That was the good news…

The bad news was that about the only thing she could cook was frozen Eggo waffles. And she burned them sometimes.

One time she was boiling some water on the stove, forgot about it I guess, and melted an expensive stainless steel pot.

It sounded like a shotgun going off in the house when that water hit the red-hot electric coils on the stove-top and blew out.

Another time she bought some live crabs to cook up to surprise me, bless her heart. I came home to find her chasing the crabs around the kitchen with a hammer, trying to subdue them to get them in the pot.

But she was a sweet young Cajun girl, and she was determined to learn how to cook proper food for her family.

You may know someone like that…

Beryl learned how to cook over the years and makes it look easy now. (Beryl and I got married and have been together 30 years now.)

Maybe you’re a newlywed and need a crash-course in how to make “simple” but great-tasting meals for your family…

Or, maybe you’re already pretty good in the kitchen, but would like to learn how to do some Louisiana Cajun cooking to add some variety to your menu lineup.

Either way, Beryl has put together 96 great Louisiana home-cooking recipes that you can prepare for your family and friends right away.

Here’s what’s really cool about Beryl’s “Cajun Cooking Made Easy” cookbook – each recipe comes with a link to Beryl’s Cajun Cooking TV blog where you can see photos and watch videos of Beryl making the recipe.

Talk about Cajun Cooking Made Easy!

So here’s what you’re gonna get with your Cajun Cooking Made Easy cookbook:

=>    96 great Cajun home cooking recipes
=>    Step by Step directions, including Ingredients and Preparation
=>    A link to the recipe on the Cajun Cooking TV blog, where you’ll find photos of the dish and most of the recipes have a video of Beryl making the dish
=>    You can also post any questions or comments you have about any of the recipes and Beryl will reply back to you as soon as possible (usually the same or next day)

Cajun Cooking Made Easy

Folks have been asking for a (physical) printed cookbook for several years, so we put one together and here it is!

This is the first edition of Beryl’s first cookbook, with 96 of your favorite Cajun home-cooking recipes.

Each recipe has a link to the Cajun Cooking TV page that has video, photos and additional commentary for you.

It’s spiral-bound so it’s easy to use in the kitchen next to the stove.

We’ll be shipping by First Class mail, so you can have the cookbook in your hands in just a couple of days.

(All orders will go out on the same or next business day.)

We’re only shipping to U.S. addresses right now, so if you’re out of the U.S., please message or email us and we’ll see what we can do to get a copy to you.

All of our readers and followers can order the cookbook for $9.97 plus $3.00 shipping (by USPS First Class Mail) on the Order Button below.

Please note that our credit card processor is PayPal,
but you DO NOT need a PayPal account to order.

(Rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or your money will be refunded with no hassles at all.)

We appreciate you all so much!

Beryl and Mike

P.S. – Click on the “Buy Now” button below to go to the order page =>

Or, you can mail a check or money order to:

Jubilee Media Group LLC
7516 Bluebonnet Blvd #179
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Please make check payable to Jubilee Media Group

Thank you!

Beryl Stokes

Beryl Stokes

Crab Cake and Etouffee on Angel Hair Pasta

[ 1 ] August 24, 2015

Crab Cake and Etouffee Pasta

Crab Cake and Etouffee Pasta

Crab Cake and Crab Etouffee Pasta

Or, what to do with leftovers.

A  couple of weeks ago, we were wanting some crawfish etouffee for supper. We’ve been getting our fresh Louisiana crawfish from Calvin’s Bocage Market lately but they didn’t have any this particular Saturday afternoon.

Eggplant Pasta Bake

[ 2 ] May 25, 2015

Eggplant Pasta Bake

Eggplant Pasta Bake

Eggplant Pasta Bake

Eggplant Pasta Bake is a simple recipe (concoction) that I put together after ordering a similar appetizer every time in my favorite little Italian restaurant in Corstorphine, Edinburgh.  After work, it’s right on the main road into town and has a small car park; always a plus.

Crawfish Pasta with Crawfish Cream Sauce

[ 0 ] April 28, 2015

Crawfish Pasta with Crawfish Cream Sauce

Crawfish Pasta with Crawfish Cream Sauce

Crawfish Pasta with Crawfish Cream Sauce

Crawfish has been on the menu every Saturday since I returned from Edinburgh, Scotland a month ago. After weeks without proper south Louisiana seafood, I have more than made up for the lack of highly seasoned and tasty red crustaceans.

How to Make White Rice on the Stove

[ 0 ] April 28, 2015

How to Make White Rice on the Stove

Stove Top White Rice

Stove Top White Rice

Plain White Rice…you would think that rice is easy to cook right?

Potatoes Fernandina

[ 0 ] April 14, 2015

Potatoes Fernandina
Easy New Red Potatoes Recipe

Potatoes Fernandina

Potatoes Fernandina

Potatoes Fernandina is quite simply baby red potatoes, butter, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.  But why do we call the dish Potatoes Fernandina?

Corn Cut Off the Cob

[ 9 ] April 7, 2015

Fresh Corn Cut Off the Cob


Corn Cut Off the Cob


I had never given any thought to cutting corn off the cob, but just about every time we had corn on the cob, Mike would reminisce about how his Grandma in Pensacola would always cut it off the cob for his Grandpa every Sunday when they had their after church dinner.

Cajun Fried Catfish Recipe

[ 0 ] March 25, 2015

Cajun Fried Catfish Recipe

Fried Catfish

Fresh Fried Catfish

Fried catfish is a simple meal to make and you can serve your family a seafood restaurant quality meal without paying restaurant prices. Give this easy recipe a try and delight your family!

Cajun Fried Shrimp Recipe

[ 0 ] March 18, 2015

Easy Fried Shrimp Recipe

This looks like a long recipe, but it is really very simple.

Frying shrimp (and other seafood) is really simple and makes an awesome restaurant-style meal for you and your family.

fried gulf shrimp

Fried Gulf Shrimp