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Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

[ 1 ] November 11, 2011 |

How to Make Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans are a great party finger food or a beautiful side item next to a steak, pork or chicken dinner.

I love how they just melt in your mouth.

I highly recommend using fresh Green Beans, however whole frozen beans would also work.

Avoid canned beans – just not the same effect.

 Bacon Wrapped Green Beans Ingredients –

Fresh Green Beans

Garden Fresh Green Beans

Applewood Bacon (or your favorite bacon)
1 or 2 pounds fresh green beans (uncut, cleaned and ends trimmed)
Sea salt (regular table salt is OK)
Tony’s Creole Seasoning

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans Preparation

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans Ready for Oven

Pre heat oven to 475 degrees.

Fill a 6 quart pot with water.

Season lightly with salt.

Heat water to boiling.

Drop green beans in the boiling water to blanch (boil) for 2 minutes.

Immediately and carefully drain the green beans in a colander in the sink.

Allow cold water to run over the green beans to instantly cool and stop the cooking process.

Put green beans in a bowl and place a few ice cubes in the bowl.

On a cutting board, take 5-6 slices of bacon and cut in half.

Season the green beans lightly with Tony’s Creole Seasoning.

Begin to wrap the green bean bundles by taking 5-6 green beans and wrap the half slice of bacon around in an angled method.

Place wrapped green bean bundles on a large non-stick cookie sheet.

Continue wrapping until all beans are utilized.

Place the pan in the oven and allow to cook for 10 minutes.

Carefully remove pan from the oven.

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans Ready to Plate Up

Place Green Bean bundles on a tray and serve warm.

Beryl Stokes

Beryl Stokes


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  1. JLS says:

    I am making green beans with bacon in them this year, although a little differently. It is very hard to find fresh green beans around here. I was lucky enough to be able to frozen green beans. My kids are not a fan of them, however. Too much of a crunch I’m guessing, compared to the canned variety. I grew up on canned green beans and thought they were the greatest thing in the world until I discovered fresh several years back! Then after I was not able to find those, I went with the frozen kind. I was determined not to go back to canned.

    How I make my bacon green beans is simply chop the bacon into bite sized pieces, cook til done. I grill my bacon on my indoor grill instead of frying the bacon. Meanwhile, rinse green beans in warm water to thaw. Then add them to a medium sized pot and add about a tablespoon of butter. I prefer land o lakes sweet cream butter. Heat til butter is melted and green beans are nice a warm. Then add bacon and heat for another minute or so. Then serve.

    You version sounds just as yummy! I might have to try it next year or at this year’s Christmas Dinner!

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