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Cajun Cooking

[ 18 ] April 19, 2011 |

Cajun Cooking and Louisiana Comfort Food


Down home Southern cooking consists of a truly unique blend of French- Canadian, African, English and Native American prepared dishes.

No stranger to Southern comfort food, Louisiana is known for its Cajun cooking, where everything from Crawfish Etouffee to Seafood Gumbo, Jambalaya and Red Beans and Rice are often enjoyed.

beryl stokes

Beryl Stokes

Beryl Stokes is the chief cook and bottle washer of Cajun Cooking TV, and is no stranger to the fine art of preparing delicious Cajun food.

A native of South Louisiana, Beryl created the Cajun Cooking TV website after numerous requests were made for her down home southern comfort food and traditional Cajun recipes from followers worldwide.

On the Cajun Cooking TV website, Beryl shares with you the techniques used to create her mouth-watering recipes through step-by-step videos, photos and article how-tos.

From crawfish pie and how to cook snow crab legs to turnip greens and crock-pot pot roast to grilled pork tenderloin and a made-from-scratch, pecan pie, you’ll discover what true Cajun cooking and down home southern comfort food is all about.

Cajun Cooking TV also showcases tips and videos on grilling, for getting the best flavor possible from your meats. No matter what kind of southern cooking you may be craving, you’re sure to find it on Cajun Cooking TV.

And even if you don’t, Beryl is usually willing to cook up your favorite southern dish and share the recipe on her website by request.

In addition to all of the recipes found on the website, which include a list of recommended ingredients and products used in the recipe, you‘ll also find easy to follow recipes for making dry rubs, chicken stock, roux, cocktail sauce and other essential side items to complete your meal. We don’t have any smoothie recipes on the site yet, but the whole family loves fresh fruit smoothies for desert.

Cajun Cooking TV features more than 100 authentic down home southern comfort foods and Cajun recipes, made with simple ingredients that provide a true Cajun cultural home cooked experience, often missed in today’s on-the-go families.

And while other websites may offer their own version of traditional Southern Louisiana recipes, Beryl Stokes’ Cajun cooking step-by-step videos really complete the authenticity of cooking Cajun Food with a little family humor thrown in, that really makes you feel right at home.

So, if you’re looking to awaken your taste buds with a real fine authentic Cajun meal or just want to savor your favorite down home Southern comfort food that will put a smile on your face and bring back memories, there’s no better place to experience both than with Beryl Stokes and Cajun Cooking TV.

Crawfish Etouffee Recipe

Crawfish Etouffee


P.S. If you have any recipes you’d like us to try, please post them in the comments section below.

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Comments (18)

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  1. judi stanley says:

    thank you for the reply..thank you judi stanley

  2. Taylor says:

    The last post was in April, 2011. Will you guys be continuing the show? My family and I really enjoy all of your recipes.

  3. Beryl says:

    Hi Taylor, Thanks for your comment. Yes, we are making some more Cajun Cooking recipes and videos right now. We will be publishing again. Also, be on the lookout for our free recipe eBook, 7 Nights of Cajun Cooking. We are also making a free Cajun Cooking newsletter that will be going out by email with all of our Cajun recipes, new and old.

  4. Barbara says:

    Dear Beryl,

    Thank you so much! I absolutely love your Crabmeat Au Gratin recipe. Every time I make it, I load up the video of your showing how to make it onto my computer and put it right on the kitchen counter and follow each step. You are delightful and it just makes my day.

    Take care,

  5. Spencer says:

    Great post! I love Cajun food, only can you recommend something that isn’t very spicy?

  6. Beryl says:

    A lot of people that are not from Louisiana confuse “spicy” with “hot”. Real Cajun food is spicy, in other words rich in flavor from a variety of spices, but not “hot” like in jalapeno peppers.

  7. Ron says:

    I just watched a video where you made a potato soup and you also added crab meat to it but I can’t find the recipe on your web site. I would like to get a copy of the recipe. Enjoy your video’s and like your simple approach to cooking. You make every thing seem easy

  8. Trey Hill says:

    WOW! Those were the best spinach enchiladas I have ever had. That sour cream sauce was excellent. I added a a little sea salt and white pepper to it to taste. Keep up the great work.

  9. Beryl says:

    Thanks, Trey!

    I love white pepper, and add it to lots of dishes that Beryl makes, especially those with sauces.

    Mike (Beryl’s husband)

  10. Do you add creole seasoning into your potato salad or just sprinkle on top?

  11. Beryl says:

    Hi Debbie,

    We add it into the potato salad.


  12. Carol says:

    I enjoy your videos very much! I would love to see you do one on your homemade beef stock.

  13. Beryl says:

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you for your suggestion. We have made homemade beef stock before and do need to do it again and make a video. We’ll try to do it soon.

    Thank you for watching our videos!

    Beryl and Mike

  14. shirley says:

    potato salad sounds delicious, but what do you do with the bayleaf? thanks

  15. Beryl says:

    Hi Shirley,

    I think we just put the bay leaf in the water to help season the potatoes while they’re boiling.

    Thanks for watching checking out our Cajun recipes and for writing us!

    Beryl and Mike

  16. eleanor says:

    Just want to say.. took your invite to check out your site. I would like to say “Good Job” wonderful site and I really enjoy your cooking immensely. I do intend to use it “all the time!” Thank you so much! God Bless!

  17. eleanor says:

    Just want to say.. took your invite to check out your site. I would like to say “Good Job” wonderful site and I really enjoy your cooking immensely. I do intend to use it “all the time!” Thank you so much! God Bless! (-:

  18. Beryl says:

    Thank you so much, Eleanor!

    We look forward to serving you and hope that you’ll let us know how you like the recipes and which ones you try and how they come out for you.

    Please ask any questions you may have, and comment often.

    We love to hear from you!

    Beryl and Mike

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